Accelerating the advent of neural interface powered dreams

Network is building a market for neuroscience research and ideas funded through novel incentive mechanisms in order to unite the industry to solve common problems and create tools for individuals to free their mind and body.


Make Dreams Reality

To realize our vision of a dream world powered by neural interfaces this is what we are building:

Neuroscience Market

We are creating a neuroscience market to accelerate the industry by funding research and ideas through novel incentive mechanisms. We also aim to unite the industry to work towards common goals that we need to collectively solve.

Dreams As A Medium

We are working to build dreams into a technology medium by creating a software layer and brain computer network that would leverage neural interfaces to trigger your brain to lucid dream on demand.

Freedom At Its Core

Our goal is to build technology to empower individuals to free their mind and empower them to dream with new eyes. We are building tools to bring people back to reality that allows them to heal from problems they are facing.

Open and Permissionless

We need to ensure that the internet and metaverse will be built on public blockchains so that neural interface technology and its contents will be owned by people.

About Us

A Virtual Dream And Brain Computer Protocol

A decentralized brain computer network would allow anyone in the world to participate in exploring the frontier of the brain while creating a strong forcing function to accelerate the number of neurons we can currently interface with. A network of peer-to-peer brain computers would empower individuals to own the data that would flow between brains and computers.

By creating a network of open, permissionless protocols for brain computers, a diverse set of stakeholders will govern and guide its future. Virtual dreams as a novel medium could become an alternative reality to explore the nature of reality and accelerate progress in the mind sciences. Other brain computer applications could be developed as tools for individuals to heal and liberate themselves and others.

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Network Entities

Our vehicles to get us to realize our vision


Network Foundation

Our decentralized foundation supports ongoing operations worldwide across different entities and keeps everything together to ensure we are working towards realizing our vision. It is also our foundational organization.



We are building a neuroscience market to fund research and ideas through novel incentive mechanisms by coordinating with our stakeholders to build a diverse ecosystem and work on common industry problems.

For Profit

Network Inc

Our company supports the network by being its operational arm based in the United States. It also develops neural interface technology and tools for individuals that are in alignment with Network's mission.


Any Questions? Answered

Here are some questions and answers you may have as you learn about the network. For an extended FAQ, visit our documentation page.


We Welcome Your Ideas

We are at an early stage and to realize our mission we invite anyone from anywhere in the world regardless of their background, discipline or location to help us keep pushing this vision forward.


Network Stakeholders

Learn about our stakeholders that keep pushing to make this dream reality.

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