Proof of Network

Please note as of December 2023 Proof of Network has not been launched yet due to unclear US regulatory environment.

Proof of Network is our mechanism by which we plan to distribute the network token to the public. The mechanism is as follows:

  1. The network broadcasts specific problems to the community with number of tokens if problem solved.
  2. The first person who solves the problem wins.
  3. The network will pay gas fees and distribute agreed upon number of tokens to person who solves problem.

Over time, the protocol by which tokens get distributed to those who build the network will get improved taken into account a larger governance body as the network continues to grow.

Network Token Distribution Tracker

We will update the tracker continuously and post new problems that need to be solved. Proof of network is a novel concept and will also be continuously improved upon with the help of everyone involved. Those that hold the token are helping to bootstrap the network and will govern the direction of the network. The token is not a security. The use case of the token will evolve over time.